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Gap Pad 3000S30 is a thermally conductive reinforced, soft S-Class Gap filling material. Click here to learn more.

Rico Products Inc.

Rico Products, Inc. is a custom manufacturer of non-metallic materials required by the electrical technological equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

We offer expert design and production capabilities with engineering support to meet the demands of critical design and delivery requirements.

Rico Products fabricates, stocks and distributes non-metallic materials. We are the exclusive Great Lakes converter for Bergquist's complete line of thermal interface materials. We also provide NOMEX, FORMEX, FORMEX GK, STATEX, Vulcanized Fibre/Fishpaper and 3M products to name a few.

If you require non-metallic materials for your production, Rico Products has your solution. Click here for a complete list of materials.

Interface Materials
for Cooling

  • Gap Pad® – Thermally Conductive Gap Filling Materials

  • Sil-Pad® – Thermally Conductive Insulators

  • Bond-Ply® and Liqui-Bond® – Thermally Conductive Adhesives

  • Hi-Flow® – Phase Change Interface Materials