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Gap Pad 3000S30 is a thermally conductive reinforced, soft S-Class Gap filling material. Click here to learn more.

About Us

Rico Products, Inc. has been supplying manufactured and fabricated parts for industry since 1980. We have 31-years of stocking, distributing and fabricating non-metallic materials.

As the exclusive Great Lakes Converter for The Bergquist Company, we specialize in the fabrication of Bergquist's thermally-conductive interface materials.
In addition to Bergquist products, we offer EMI/RFI shielding materials such as Nomex, Formex, Vulcanized/Fibre, Fishpaper and many more.

We convert and fabricate all our products to each customer's specifications through close tolerance die cutting, slitting, assembly service and laminating.

Interface Materials
for Cooling

  • Gap Pad® – Thermally Conductive Gap Filling Materials

  • Sil-Pad® – Thermally Conductive Insulators

  • Bond-Ply® and Liqui-Bond® – Thermally Conductive Adhesives

  • Hi-Flow® – Phase Change Interface Materials