Bergquist HI FLOW Family

Features and Benefits

HI FLOW phase change materials are an excellent replacement for grease as a thermal interface between a CPU or power device and a heat sink. The materials change from a solid at specific phase change temperatures and flow to provide a total wet-out of the interface without overflow. The result is a thermal interface comparable to grease, without the mess, contamination and hassle.

The HI FLOW family of phase change TIMs covers a wide range of applications. HI FLOW handles like BERGQUIST SIL PAD materials at room temperature, but flows like grease at its designed phase change temperature. Important features of this material include:

  • Comparable thermal performance to grease in most applications
  • Thermally conductive phase change compound
  • Aluminum, film or fiberglass carriers and non-reinforced versions
  • Low volatility
  • Easy to handle and apply in the manufacturing environment
  • Tack-free at room temperature
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Henkel’s current product name is first, followed by Bergquist’s legacy name second. Both products are the same formulation.